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Hemp farmers trust Patriot Hemp Services for their processing and extraction needs

Patriot Hemp Services is a one of a kind company that solely focuses on the needs of our clients. We work with hemp farmers every step of the way to help ease all the stressors that comes with harvesting and processing. We offer numerous different options and avenues that best fit the needs of our clients. We believe in providing service with Integrity and Transparency!

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Here's How It Works

Our cost-effective solutions are helping farmers across the country turn raw material into finished products!

Harvesting & Baling

Patriot Hemp Services provides top-notch hemp harvesting and baling services.


With over a decade of experience in the hemp industry, Patriot Hemp Services is one of the most trusted names for hemp drying services.


Patriot Hemp Services is the leading provider of hemp extraction (distillate, isolate, & crude). We are able to process your material into high quality concentrates for sale in the legal hemp market.

Patriot Hemp Services Is Perfect For:

Patriot Hemp Services Provides a controlled supply chain from “seed to sale”, meaning we offer state-of-the-art assistance at any and every stage of hemp production. We can help you with everything from planting and harvesting all the way to processing and packaging. Whether you are a cultivator in need of drying or extraction services, a producer interested in the highest quality CBD and various end-market support, or simply looking for premium finished product options; we offer them all!

What Our Clients Say

PHS has quality service with transparency in every step of the product management. PHS is very accommodating in regards to my schedule or bringing products to them to be dried. I have enjoyed working with all of the office staff at PHS
3G Hemp
Patriot Hemp Services has been great to work with. Honest folk with real heart for taking care of their clients. I highly recommend them.
Chris Fontes
Patriot Hemp Services is a first class operation. Dedicated, hard working, negligible hemp services. Easy to work with.
Billy Gallagher
Ryan Nielsen and team run a very solid operation at PHS. Very knowledgeable in farming, hemp space, and drying.
Sean Dimmick
You guys run a great operation! Thanks for helping Big Top finish up the season.
Big Top Farms
Very responsive on the phone, gave great advice, and always had the time of day to help.
So Cal Hemp

Make the most of your hemp harvest this season

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