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Hemp farmers trust Patriot Hemp Services for their Private Label needs

Hemp is a versatile and sustainable crop, but it can be difficult to source bulk ingredients.

Most hemp products are made with imported hemp oil or seeds, which drives up the cost of production for most companies. This means that many companies can’t afford to use this ingredient in their product.

Patriot Hemp Services solves this problem by providing custom-made private label bulk ingredients at competitive prices. We take care of sourcing and producing your custom hemp products so you don’t have to worry about any complicated supply chain issues when developing your own line of CBD products.

Hemp Farmers Trust Patriot Hemp Services For Their Private Label Needs

Patriot Hemp Services

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We will discuss what kind of products you would like to build and we would start a custom formulation that is for you and you only

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PHS helps every step of the way with building your brand and getting it sold!

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Patriot Hemp Services is proud to offer a wide range of natural wellness solutions for customers around the globe

What Our Clients Say

PHS has quality service with transparency in every step of the product management. PHS is very accommodating in regards to my schedule or bringing products to them to be dried. I have enjoyed working with all of the office staff at PHS
3G Hemp
Patriot Hemp Services has been great to work with. Honest folk with real heart for taking care of their clients. I highly recommend them.
Chris Fontes
Patriot Hemp Services is a first class operation. Dedicated, hard working, negligible hemp services. Easy to work with.
Billy Gallagher
Ryan Nielsen and team run a very solid operation at PHS. Very knowledgeable in farming, hemp space, and drying.
Sean Dimmick
You guys run a great operation! Thanks for helping Big Tip finish up the season.
Big Top Farms
Very responsive on the phone, gave great advice, and always had the time of day to help.
So Cal Hemp

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Most frequent questions and answers

Call us at (541) 887-8609 or send us an email at

We process into Raw Materials or a selection of Finished Products

Yes we have a whole selection of Wholesale Raw Materials and adding new ones almost everyday.

PHS tests every product in house and through trusted third-party testing companies

We do not grow hemp as PHS we have a few partners that grow hemp but we process other farmers hemp material

Yes we do ship internationally

All PHS products are under Federal Compliance Regulations <0.3%

All products are produced in food-grade compliant facility.