Never worry about the quality of your hemp again!

Hemp farmers trust Patriot Hemp Services for their hemp testing needs

Hemp is incredibly versatile, but growing it can be a challenge.

The problem has always been that the industry lacks a way to ensure crop viability throughout the season.

Patriot Hemp Services provides objective monitoring services that gives farmers access to real-time analytical information about their fields. This technology will save farmers money by ensuring they only grow healthy plants with higher yields resulting in more revenue per acre.

Here's How It Works

Never worry about the quality of your hemp again!

Turn Your Raw Crop Into a Marketable Product with Our Help.

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We retrieve a small sample from whatever product we are processing so that we have adequate testing through the whole operation.

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All samples need to be in a spill proof container and labeled correctly with date, material, batch number, and name.

mail samples back to PHS

Shipping samples to PHS is easy! Our address is 6450 Swan Court. Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Our State-of-the-art R&D Testing Services Are Perfect For:

We are a full service hemp company, we offer R&D testing, services, and products. We have been in business for 2+ years and are a customer service company. Our goal is to help small farmers and processors get a fair price. Our customers trust us with their products and in turn we work with them to make sure they are compliant. We have everything from harvesting, drying, processing, testing, and our prices are fair. We do it all and we do it all legally.

What Our Clients Say

PHS has quality service with transparency in every step of the product management. PHS is very accommodating in regards to my schedule or bringing products to them to be dried. I have enjoyed working with all of the office staff at PHS
3G Hemp
Patriot Hemp Services has been great to work with. Honest folk with real heart for taking care of their clients. I highly recommend them.
Chris Fontes
Patriot Hemp Services is a first class operation. Dedicated, hard working, negligible hemp services. Easy to work with.
Billy Gallagher
Ryan Nielsen and team run a very solid operation at PHS. Very knowledgeable in farming, hemp space, and drying.
Sean Dimmick
You guys run a great operation! Thanks for helping Big Tip finish up the season.
Big Top Farms
Very responsive on the phone, gave great advice, and always had the time of day to help.
So Cal Hemp

The Gold Standard of R&D Hemp Testing Services

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Most frequent questions and answers

We gather germination tests on seeds and test products every step of the process

Germination tests are used to test seed viability

Viable seeds should sink, if they float they need to be tossed out

It is important to deduce the quality of your seeds, determine the efficacy of your seed storage methods, and help you plant the proper amount of seeds.

There are more than 4 methods. Warm Germination Test, Sand Germination Test, Cold Test, Saturated Cold Test, Physical and Varietal Purity Test, Accelerated Aging, and Tetrazolium Test.